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7 Hour Transformation


Traumatic Emotions

The full program includes up to four sessions with the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP) and the Emotions Management Process (EMP). In the full program, you will heal the emotions attached to traumatic memories from birth to the present. We will score you on a subjective neurological assessment screen, based on your experiences, before treatment and again two weeks post-treatment. Each session is 60-90 minutes depending on client needs and ability.

We will also attack the root cause of anxiety and release the emotions attached to anxiety.

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  • We will conduct a detailed personal history to include the family narrative (1 hour) including measuring stress levels pre session.
  • We will set expectations for conversation: when will the problem disappear or not be a problem? What will convince you the problem resolves? (evidence procedure)
  • Elicitation of Values surrounding the problem, this is how you know it’s a problem.
  • Set Outcomes and explain the cause and effect relationship of problems is the client willing to play at 100 percent..
  • Inform the client on the three requisites for change.
  • Eliminate negative emotions with the Emotions Management Process (EMP).
    Anger, Rage, Resentment, Rejection, Unforgiveness, Frustration, Abandonment, Sadness, grief, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, shame, guilt, and hurt.
  • Eliminate all Limiting Decisions and Beliefs
  • Eliminate traumatic stress emotions with the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP)
  • Parts Integration
  • CORE State to determine the desired CORE state related to a problem.
  • Test negative and traumatic emotions and determine if the greater problem is gone.
  • Remind the client of the evidence procedure.
  • Goal Placement into the future.
  • Anchor positive resource emotions.
  • Hypnosis if requested
  • We will future pace all problems to determine they disappeared.
  • We will end measuring stress levels to show results.

Emotions that can be worked on are not limited to:

Anger, Rage, Resentment, Frustration, rejection, Abandonment, Dismissed, Sadness, Grief, Fear, Shame, Guilt, Survivor Guilt, Hurt, Unforgiveness, Self-Limiting Belief, Anxiety, Worry, Panic, Confusion and more.

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