Imagine a reality where you don’t worry about triggers or impending emotional darkness. Where you cancel your traumatic stress and anxiousness because you are completely free of them.

That life is possible, and it’s available for you!

For five years, Anxiety Guys have led veterans and first responders to complete emotional healing from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and trauma, when they founded 22ZERO together, and now we’re bringing that same revolutionary non-clinical interventions to you. Our process targets neural pathways to reset your mind-body connection so you can experience total, authentic, and permanent restoration.

It's Not Psychological
Trauma and extremely negative emotions are a result of neurological pathways that are in a stuck state. So instead of making you revisit traumatic moments, Anxiety Guys lead you through guided, image-based meditation that helps disconnect triggers, break the patterns of behavior, and create new, positive pathways and responses.
It's Not "Talk Therapy"
With the Anxiety Guys, in just a few hours will assess your stress levels on a quantifiable level and help you heal from debilitating emotional wounds. You won't have to discuss uncomfortable moments, attend endless sessions, or deal with self-diagnosis. Our goal is to get you back to the true you and quickly!
It's Not Medication
Antidepressants and anxiety medications can numb your pain but are not meant to be a permanent solution. Anxiety Guys target the root cause of your negative emotions or trauma so you can heal and find lasting freedom—No harmful side effects.
It's Designed To Last
We don’t want lifelong clients; we want you to become the highest performing version of yourself. We target the root cause of your negative emotions or trauma so you can find lasting freedom and move on with your life. This isn’t about coping—it’s about healing.

Does This Sound Like You?

Not Sleeping Well?
Intense Level of Emotion?
Reactive and Angry?
Gut Function Problems?
Always Worried?
Overstressed and Anxious?
Difficulty Concentrating?
Feeling Restless?
Dan Jarvis and Nick Davis, Anxiety Guys Podcast

Meet The Anxiety Guys

Our co-founders have been in combat. They’ve seen the wreckage it produces and experienced the gnawing pain it leaves in your gut.

Dan has seen the lives of buddies lost to combat and suicide after returning home. He carried the heavy burdens of survivor’s guilt, PTSD, and depression. He even considered ending his own life in 2013.

But he found healing...

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