Emotions aren't bad - in fact, they are healthy, normal, and valuable.

But when negative emotions become extreme, intrusive, and relentless, they can damage our brains and lead to an unhealthy, unsustainable life.

That’s why, rather than exploring negative emotions or traumatic memories through talk therapy, we work on eliminating negative emotions attached to traumatic or significant emotional events with a guided mindfulness exercise at the root cause.

We’ve discovered a more effective, more enduring way to heal emotional and mental scars. By leveraging two researched and tested approaches that target Traumatic Stress (Trauma Resiliency Protocol, or TRP) and extreme negative emotions like anxiousness, grief, anger, and guilt (Emotions Management Process, or EMP), we give you the resiliency skills you need to heal from past and present traumatic stress—for good.

What To Expect

You’re awake and in control during the processes, and you aren’t allowed to talk about traumatic memories—you picture your experience from a dissociated view as we lead you through a guided mindfulness exercise with a powerful release of emotions.

Our coaches guide you through TRP, which uses visual dissociation to change the state of your emotions, not the memories, leading you to emotional restoration. They are administered virtually or in person and designed to help you heal, not just cope—so whether you struggle with childhood traumatic emotions, a car crash, anxiousness, test anxiety, or sadness, we’re here to help you set yourself free.

You are driving the car; we are just holding the map!

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How It's Different

Lake at night with open Campfire