What Is TRP?

The Trauma Resiliency Protocol is a novel non-clinical intervention for treating traumatic emotions centering around fear, terror, and helplessness. The protocol is rooted in visual dissociation, a dissociation technique that is healthy and beneficial. It allows the amygdala to release the death grip on the emotion, leading to memory reconsolidation. The intervention can take place hours after a traumatic experience or years later. The number of traumatic experiences does not matter; each can be tackled individually or in larger chunks. The patterns of behavior established by traumatic stress changes, sleep restores, and triggers vaporize, and the full human potential becomes quickly apparent as a new strong, emotionally intelligent client arises.

What Is EMP?

The Emotions Management Process is a novel yet simple non-clinical intervention for unhealthy negative emotions. EMP is rooted in dissociation, different from TRP in the application, and has additional features around reframing. We located an emotional trigger, for example, guilt, activate the trigger, then dissociate. We allow the client to make sense of the event using specific language patterns that allow the neural pathway to separate. The behavior pattern changes subconsciously, and a new emotionally intelligent client arises.

What If I Don't Have A Clinical Diagnosis?

A diagnosis of PTSD/Anxiety/Depression are not necessary for coaching. Most clients come to us without any clinical diagnosis. If you inform us of a clinical diagnosis we may have to take extra measures such as a letter informing your clinician or physician you desire to work with us to compliment their work. Our goal is to help you feel the heal.

Do You Accept Insurance?

Since what we do is performance coaching and not counseling we do not accept insurance.

Are Your Processes Evidence Based?

Evidence Based Practices(EBP) can take 5-17 years of research for a new technique to become an EBP. Our processes are Success Based Practices (SBP) due to the overwhelming success rate which can be observed on our data page along with the vast number of testimonials of Anxiety Guys and 22ZERO. A major research study will be underway in 2024 at the University of Pittsburgh, Arizona State University is also reviewing and evaluating the data involving Law Enforcement from 22ZERO, EBP is inevitable.

What If I Don't Believe The Processes Will Work?

If you just show up with an open mind and follow instructions and let the brain do what the brain does, you will be pleasantly surprised. When it comes to TRP the brain does the work automatically.

What If I aM A Super Analytical Person?

Understand coming into the processes we need you to be open minded. You will get a neuroscience 101 overview, as to what the brain is doing during the process, this way you’ll understand coming into a session what’s happening. There is no right or wrong way to do the work. Inevitably you are driving the car, we are just holding the map.

What If I Compartmentalize My Emotions?

EMP has perfect processes for this. The techniques are a bit different as we look for the boxes labeled whatever the emotions are and then release them.