Anxiety Guys was launched as a way to Heal Civilians...

Our co-founders have been in combat. They’ve seen the wreckage it produces and experienced the gnawing pain it leaves in your gut.

Dan has seen the lives of buddies lost to combat and suicide after returning home. He carried the heavy burdens of survivor’s guilt, PTSD, and depression. He even considered ending his own life in 2013.

But he found healing.

After unsuccessfully seeking help through traditional (and incredibly painful) methods, Dan was introduced to profound alternative methods and the brain’s ability to heal itself. Dan found freedom from his traumatic emotions and other emotional wounds—and a desire to help others do the same. Around that same time, Dan met Nick, an Air Force veteran searching for a way to serve his fellow veterans. They would join forces on a journey that neither expected.

Through extensive research and development, Nick and Dan, developed a new approach to treatment that allows clients to unpack and dissolve their traumatic stress and unhelpful negative emotions without ever speaking of them. We took those processes and started a nonprofit for veterans and first responders, and 22ZERO was formed. 22ZERO has helped thousands of veterans and first responders, men and women find lasting healing, this was the start of the emotional revolution.

Their work is called Neuro Transformational Reprocessing (NTR).

...while also supporting the mission of 22ZERO. Nick’s Childhood trauma and struggles along the way led him to a calling in which he serves others. It soon became very apparent that traumatic events in childhood and civilian life were prevalent with almost every single veteran and first responder he worked with. Ultimately, giving the opportunity for civilians to find healing was no longer an option, it was a necessity!
Nick Davis, Our Story

The journey of life can take you down some of the most unexpected paths. Since I was a young boy, I had a burning desire to help and give back to others. This may have been in large part due to my mother, who through her strong faith in God and through her actions, showed me just what it meant to give.

My life has taken me through some of the most trying times to include divorce, bankruptcy, and deep loss. However, life has also provided some of the most amazing and profound moments. These moments led to being blessed to build a business and lead a non-profit that completely fills my cup.

My career started in the USAF as an F-16 crew chief, followed by 15 years in aviation most of which was in the corporate realm. I met my wife Sarah in 2011 and remember telling her, as I have others for many years, that I wanted to work with people in some capacity. This led me to a successful career as a financial advisor and blessed us with a business in which our clients are a big part of our life both personally and professionally.

Outside of my professional career, I love spending time with my family. Sarah and I try our best to shut things down and be present with our kids as well as each other. We love to get out on the water and go wake surfing, water skiing and launching the kids on a tube of their choice! Fishing and hunting along with farm steading are also a big part of the Davis family life!

Nick Davis is a:

  • USAF Veteran
  • Financial Advisor
  • Trauma Resiliency Protocol Practitioner Master Trainer
  • Emotions Management Process Practitioner Master Trainer
  • Certified CORE Success Coaching
  • The Co-Developer of the 22ZERO Tactical Resiliency Training
  • Co-Developer of the Trauma Resiliency Protocol (TRP)
  • Co-Developer of the Emotions Management Process (EMP)